Chaos Water Park

We Are Open!!

Your Destination for Fun

Chaos Water Park is a great family experience for all ages. You're going to love our dump bucket! If you're standing in the wrong place at the right time, you'll get soaked! But that's what it's all about. FAMILY FUN! All around the dump bucket, you'll find an interactive playground for the little ones. There are water cannons, slides, mini dump buckets and sprayers that are sure to make all ages giggle.

Our large activity pool features a challenging lily pad path where only the strong make it across without a dunk in the water. Speaking of dunking, be sure to check out the basketball hoops and challenge your friends to a fun game of water basketball.You'll find two big waterslides. Hurricane Run, our twisting tubeslide, which is sure to excite the thrill seekers! Twister, our winding body slide, is great for all ages for a long leisurely slide!

Chaos Water Park serves up pizza, nachos, breadsticks, pretzels and other snacks in the Splash Bar. You'll even find popular cocktails for the adults. Don't forget to bring a couple bucks for a Snowie to help you cool off because it's always 84 degrees in Chaos Water park!

Water Park features:

  • Aquatic Playground: Featuring little kids slides, a dump bucket and cool splash features.
  • Anarchy Bay: Score big points playing water basketball or just splash around with your friends in our activity pool.
  • Lily Pads: Water walk your way across floating lily pads to safety across Anarchy Bay’s ropes course.
  • Twister Water Slide: No tube required on the Twister water slide, just lie down and propel yourself down. The Twister goes the perfect speed for kids! 
  • Hurricane Run Water Slide: Whirl down Hurricane Run, our tube slide which twists and turns you through a tunnel of darkness. 
  • Tsunami Lazy River: Let the current sweep you along our endless, winding lazy river.
  • Serenity Plaza: Recharge your inner strength in this double hot tub, a place where you can relax from the Chaos.